The butterflies featured in my art are real. 

These butterflies are farmed all over the world, and collected when naturally expired. They live out their short lives in a protected habitat.  Collecting and displaying sustainably raised butterflies as art increases awareness of their existence and fosters an appreciation for their environment. Purchasing art that features butterflies and other insects grown by a farmer creates an incentive to continue the conservation of the species by protecting their habitat and leaving the wild butterfly population intact. 


Museums, amateur and professional entomologists, collectors and enthusiasts contribute immensely to the knowledge that we need in order to make informed decisions about how to live in a world where climate change is a reality.

The books used my art are also real. Some of them are quite old, published at a time when book covers were beautiful enough to be works of art. I collect them from used bookstores, antique shops, flea markets, and garage sales, rescuing them from dusty neglect and giving them new life. Only the cover is framed, but I have saved the book for you to take home with you. I hope you’ll be inspired to read a few pages and imagine the knowledge and happiness it once brought to someone. 

Contact me for pricing and availability of any of the pieces in my portfolio or if interested in a custom piece.